Celano and Meranti Green Steel Partnership Announcement

Jan 19, 2023

Bangkok, Thailand – In a strategic move towards advancing digital solutions in sustainable steel production, Celano GmbH, a leading German IT service company, and Meranti Green Steel Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company pioneering green steel production in Southeast Asia, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)..

Celano GmbH, headquartered in Germany, is renowned for its digitalization solutions tailored for businesses across the steel value chain. With a robust process know-how, Celano specializes in providing cutting-edge IT services for steel production processes. These solutions contribute to cost reduction and increased productivity. The collaboration with Meranti Green Steel includes solutions for real-time CO2 emission monitoring and CO2 data recording at the steel product level.

Meranti Green Steel, operating out of Singapore, is embarking on a green steel venture across the APAC region, incorporating innovative processes such as direct reduction and integrating renewable energy sources like solar and wind farms. Celano and Meranti aim to establish a collaborative long-term business partnership, focusing on the successful implementation of world-class digital solutions for Meranti's green steel business.

Christian Kleeberg, VP of Digitalization of Meranti Green Steel explains that “Meranti Green Steel's commitment to sustainability and digitalization, evident from day one, is reflected in the requirements for CO2 monitoring, and more. We actively pursue the collaboration with digital solution partners, not only to access their superior technology but also to align with their goal of achieving environmental and digital market leadership in the steel-making industry. We truly look forward to our partnership with Celano and Danieli, including their Automation department, for an integrated digitalization approach.’’

Lorenzo Croce, Managing Director of Celano GmbH, added, "Celano is very proud of the joint partnership with Meranti Green Steel on the way to becoming one of Asia's leading green steel companies.

With our flexible and customized approach and our know-how in software development for the steel industry, we have always implemented solutions that optimize climate protection and the sustainable use of existing resources.

We are therefore very pleased to support Meranti and all partners in all phases of this outstanding and unique project.”

The partnership encompasses various phases, including planning, customization, and implementation of a sophisticated and highly tailor-made solution, catering for Meranti’s demands for real-time CO2 footprint monitoring and data recording. The work with Celano is in close cooperation with Meranti’s equipment partner Danieli and its Automation team. The collaboration will extend to areas such as continuous process optimization, IT infrastructure and warehouse management systems, as well as the development and implementation of the future digital product passport (DPP). Both Celano and Meranti are committed to continuous improvement and to providing online and local support throughout the project and beyond, with a focus on Meranti's customer needs including in export markets.