BSI and Meranti Partnership Announcement

Apr 15, 2024

Singapore, 15 April 2024 – The British Standards Institution (BSI) and Meranti Green Steel (Meranti) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on April 8, 2024, expressing their shared commitment to advancing sustainability and compliance in steel production. The strategic collaboration aims to ensure that Meranti’s new green steel business in APAC is developed in line with the latest international standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Meranti has committed to actively engage in the training and competency-building activities provided by BSI to implement international standards in its green steel business from an early stage onwards. Also, BSI and Meranti will work on case studies and knowledge dissemination with practical insights from Meranti’s new APAC-based green steel venture for future use.

BSI is widely recognized for its certification and standard related services, and Meranti will work with BSI on the certification processes for its iron- and steel making. Central to this collaboration is BSI's expertise in sustainability standards, particularly related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Leveraging BSI's guidance, Meranti aims to implement robust systems for measuring, monitoring, and reporting its carbon footprint, in accordance with globally recognized standards such as the GHG Protocol. In addition to GHG standards, BSI will provide Meranti with comprehensive training and capacity-building programs to enhance its sustainability credentials. 

Meranti is committed to achieving full compliance with the applicable standards and to work with BSI on obtaining the relevant certifications. By obtaining BSI certifications, Meranti will formalize its commitment to sustainability, and make an important step in its aim to become a leader in responsible steel production.

Harold Pradal, President of the Assurance Services division at BSI, stated, “BSI’s strategic collaboration with Meranti Green Steel, underlines our commitment to accelerate progress towards a sustainable world. Partnering with strategic industry leaders and pioneers is a crucial part of concretely executing on this vision. By leveraging our expertise in standards and certification, we intend to empower Meranti’s teams to not only meet but surpass international sustainability benchmarks, setting a new precedent for responsible steel production in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Together, we will contribute to build a more sustainable future."

Dr. Sebastian Langendorf, CEO of Meranti Green Steel added: “The industry is still in the early stages of transitioning iron- and steel making processes to lower emissions and more sustainable production. During that transition, it will be important to establish and follow objective standards and to have outcome-based systems. We are committed for our new green steel business to comply with the latest, internationally recognized environmental and emission norms. Our work with and support by BSI will allow us to develop our production processes and digital systems accordingly from an early stage. We aim to create a win-win situation by sharing practical insights with BSI throughout the development of our green steel business.”

BSI and Meranti are dedicated to nurturing a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship, with a shared goal of driving innovation and enhancing sustainable practices.